What People Are Saying

“The trailer for ELEVENTH HOUR was amazing! I was in tears watching it! “

“Goosebumps, knot in stomach, lump in throat, tears. This will be a tough one to watch… But watch it I will.”

“I just showed it on the big screen to my college group and they were blown away! The professionalism and emotion of the music meets the film content perfectly. Bravo!”

“I’d see it in the theater…just from the trailer, I got chills and tears…so I know I’d be bringing kleenex with me, too. The movie theater napkins with the popcorn are too rough…From someone who is not a film critic…I’d give it 5 stars just from what I saw!”

“The film looks really good, the trailer has made me very
interested in how it’s going to turn out. I think it’s a film
that needs to hit the box office.”

“Dude…that looks cool.”

“Quite a spec piece”

“Trailer looks and sounds awesome! “


“Wonderful trailer……
Evocative music…
Kudos to all involved”

“I like those kinds of movies. this will be good “

“I’m really excited about this film.  The trailer is awesome, and the story is one that needs to be told on film.”

“That looks AMAZING!! What a cool project”

“ It looks compelling.”

“Awesome, DUDE! I posted it on my FB wall”

“Beautifully shot.”

“Looks great and I loved the music. I am definitely a sucker for those kinds of films.”




1 Response to What People Are Saying

  1. Patti Epley says:

    The Public wants to see the Trailor for the movie. Apparently this movie is exciting some overseas population too. Ramsey, the actor with the white shirt has made the country of Lebanon very excited to watch it because he has relatives there. They are asking about the Trailor? As well as they would love to watch the whole thing soon.

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